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CS Executive Group-2 – New Syllabus Complete Details in 2024

Complete Details for CS Executive Group-2 New Syllabus

In this Article, we are going to discuss complete CS Executive Group-2 Details in 2024 i.e Eligibility to appear in Executive Exams, Registration dates, Registration Fees, Subjects, Syllabus, Exam Fees, ODOP, Pre-exam tests, etc.. 

Importance of Company Secretary Course

Company Secretary Course

Company Secretary (CS) course a 3-year course that trains students to handle the legal aspects of a firm including tax returns and record keeping. Company Secretary (CS) Course is one of the most preferred Professional Course for Commerce Students. Students of other Stream may also pursue this Course. CS Course is conducted by ICSI (Institute of Company Secretaries of India) which is regulated by MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs of India).

Total Groups in CS Executive New Syllabus

There are total three Stages in Company Secretary Course.

  • Group-1
  • Group-2

Eligibility to appear in CS Executive Exams

Following types of students may appear for CS Executive Exams

  • CSEET/CS Foundation Passed Students
  • Graduates (having minimum 50% Marks) 
  • Post-Graduates
  • CA Final Passed students
  • CMA Final Passed Students


CS Executive Group-2 Registration Fee

CS Executive Registration Fee is Charged by ICSI for Complete CS Executive Level at once for both Groups.

  • After Passing CSEET Exams- Rs.10,100
  • For Direct Entry Students – Rs.15,100 ( Rs.5,000 for CSEET Exemption Fees)

CS Executive Group 2 Subjects

Paper Number Paper Name Marks
Paper 5   Capital Market & Securities Laws 100 Marks
Paper 6   Economic, Commercial & Intellectual Property Laws 100 Marks
Paper 7   Tax Laws & Practice 100 Marks
   TOTAL 300 Marks


CS Executive Group 2 Passing Criteria

Paper Number Paper Name Marks
Paper 5   Capital Market & Securities Laws  40 Marks ( At least )
Paper 6   Economic, Commercial & Intellectual Property Laws  40 Marks ( At least )
Paper 7   Tax Laws & Practice   40 Marks ( At least )
   TOTAL Aggregate   150 Marks Out  of 300 Marks


Mode of CS Executive Group 2 Exams whether Online or Offline?

CS Executive Group 2  Exams are held in offline Mode. It means a student is allotted an examination centre as per the choice of the student.

CS Executive Group 2 Exams Pattern

 Subject   Exams Pattern
  Paper-5 CMSL     80% Subjective & 20% Objective Type(MCQ’s)
  Paper-6  ECIPL   80% Subjective & 20% Objective Type(MCQ’s)
  Paper-7  Tax Laws & Practice    100% Subjective

CS Executive Registration December 2024 Exams

 Groups to be Appeared Last Date to Register/Enroll
  For Single Group   31st July 2024
   For Both Groups  31st May 2024 

CS Executive Registration June 2025 Exams

Groups to be Appeared Last Date to Register/Enroll
  For Single Group    31st January 2025
   For Both Groups   30th November 2024

CS Executive Group 2 Preparation

CS Executive Group 2 Video Lectures- Best Video Lectures for CS Executive New Syllabus

CS Executive Group 2 Syllabus ( Paper-5 CMSL-Capital Market and Securities Laws )

CS Executive Group 2 Classes New Syllabus 2024 available at KCC TUTORIALS 

Part A – 40 Marks – Capital Market

1. Basics of Capital Market: Structure of Capital Market l Participants of Capital Market l Capital Market

2. Secondary Market in India: Development of Stock market in India l Stock market & its operations l
Trading Mechanism l Exchange Traded Fund l Derivatives l Rights Entitlements l Block and Bulk
deals l Basis of Sensex l Nifty l Types of Indexes l Clearing Corporations l Suspension and Penalties
l Surveillance Mechanism l Risk management in Secondary market l Impact of various Policies on
Stock Markets l Types of Market l Types of Trading Platform l Regulators of Secondary Markets.

3. Securities Contracts (Regulations) Act 1956: Objectives of the SCR Act, Rules and Regulations made
there under l Important Definitions l Recognized Stock Exchange l Public issue and listing of securities
l Case Laws.

4. Securities and Exchange Board of India: Objective l Powers and functions of SEBI l Securities
Appellate Tribunal l Penalties and appeals l Procedure for Redressal of Grievances l SCORES l SEBI
(Informal Guidance) Scheme, 2003 l Case Laws.

5. Laws Governing to Depositories and Depository Participants: Role & Functions of Depositories
l Depository Participants l Admission of Securities l Dematerialization & Re-materialization l
International Securities Identification Number (ISIN) l Depository Process l Inspection and Penalties l
Internal Audit and Concurrent Audit of Depository Participants.

6. Securities Market Intermediaries: Regulatory Framework l Primary Market and Secondary Market
Intermediaries l Role and Functions of Merchant Bankers, Stock Brokers, Registrars and Transfer
Agents, Bankers to an Issue, Portfolio Managers, Debenture Trustees, Investment Advisers, Research
Analysts, Credit Rating Agencies, Depositories and Depositories Participants, Foreign Institutional
Investors l Internal Audit of Intermediaries by Company Secretary in Practice l Case Laws and Case

7. International Financial Services Centres Authority (IFSCA): Establishment of Authority l Powers and
Functions of Authority l International Financial Services Centre (IFSC) l Financial Products l Financial
Services l Listing and Trading of units in IFSC l SEBI IFSC Guidelines.


8. Issue of Securities – Concepts: Types of Issues l Initial Public Offer l Further Public Offering l Rights Issue
l Preferential Issue l Qualified Institutions Placement l Initial Public Offer of Indian Depository Receipts l
Rights Issue of Indian Depository Receipts l Initial Public Offer by Small and Medium Enterprises l Bonus
Issue l Share Based Employee Benefits and Sweat Equity.

9. Issue and Listing of Non-Convertible Securities: Debt Securities and Non-Convertible Redeemable
Preference Shares l Perpetual Debt Instruments l Commercial Paper – Issuance and Listing.

10. Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements: Compliances under SEBI (LODR) Regulations, 2015
l Key Provisions pertaining to Corporate Governance l Prior Intimations l Disclosure of Events or
Information l Meeting of shareholders and voting l Policies l Compliance under SEBI (LODR) Regulations,
2015 which has listed its Non-Convertible securities l Liability of a Listed Entity for Contravention l Case
Laws and Case Studies.

11. Acquisition of Shares and Takeovers – Concepts: Regulatory Framework l Trigger point for making an
open offer by an acquirer l Disclosures l Exemptions l Case Laws and Case Studies.

12. Prohibition of Insider Trading: Basic Concepts l Unpublished price sensitive information (UPSI) l Trading
Plans l Disclosures l Informant Incentives and Rewards l Codes of fair disclosure and conduct l Penalties
and Appeals l Case Laws and Case Studies.

13. Prohibition of Fraudulent and Unfair Trade Practices Relating to Securities Market: Prohibition of certain
dealings in securities l Prohibition of manipulative, fraudulent and unfair trade practices l Investigation l
Case Laws and Case Studies.

14. Delisting and Buyback of Securities – Concepts: Delisting of Equity Shares l Voluntary Delisting l Exit
Opportunity l Compulsory Delisting l Conditions of buy-back l Buy back Methods l Tender Offer l Open
Market (Book building and Stock Exchange) l General obligations l Penalties l Case Laws and Case

15. Mutual Funds : Regulatory Framework l Types of Mutual Funds and Schemes l Key players in Mutual
Funds – Sponsor, Asset Management Company, Trustee, Unit holder l Evaluating performance of
Mutual funds – Net Asset Value l Expense Ratio l Holding Period Return.

16. Collective Investment Schemes: Regulatory Framework l Restrictions on Business Activities l Submission
of Information and Documents l Trustees and their Obligations l Case Laws and Case Studies.

CS Executive Group 2 Syllabus ( Paper-6 Economic, Commercial & Intellectual Property Laws )

  1. Law relating Foreign Exchange Management: Introduction l Current and Capital Account Transactions
    • Liberalized Remittance Scheme l Acquisition & Transfer of Immovable Property in India l Export of Goods and Services l Realization and Repatriation of Foreign Exchange l Reserve Bank of
  2. Foreign Direct Investments – Regulations & Policy : Automatic Route of FDI l Approval Route of FDI
    • Prohibited Sector l Permitted Sector l Foreign Portfolio Investments l Non-Debt Instrument Rules & Regulations l Filing of FCGPR Form & other
  3. Overseas Direct Investment: ODI Policy l Foreign Currency Remittances l Setting up of Subsidiary/ Joint Venture/ Branch Office Abroad l Filing of
  4. External Commercial Borrowings (ECB): Eligible Lender l Eligible Borrower l Parking of EBC l Filing of
  5. Foreign Trade Policy & Procedure: Focus of the Foreign Trade Policy (FTP) l Legal Basis of the Foreign Trade Policy l Importer-Exporter Code (IEC) Number l Status Holder l Imports and Export Policy
    • Deemed Exports l Trade Disputes l Various Schemes under Foreign Trade Policy &
  6. Law relating to Special Economic Zones: Establishment of Special Economic Zones l Approval and Authorization to Operate SEZ l Setting up of Unit l Special Economic Zone
  7. Law relating to Foreign Contribution Regulation: Introduction and Object l Eligible Contributor
    • Eligible Receiver l Registration l Offences and
  8. Prevention of Money Laundering: Process of Money Laundering l Adjudication l Attachment and confiscation l Obligation of Banking Companies, Financial Institutions and Intermediaries l Problem and Adverse effect of Money Laundering l Offence of Money Laundering l Enforcement Directorate
  9. KYC & Law relating to Fugitive Economic Offenders: Declaration of Fugitive Economic Offender and Procedure therefor l Attachment of Property l Powers of Director and Other Officers l Power of Survey l Search and Seizure l Declaration of Fugitive Economic Offender.
  10. Law relating to Benami Transactions & Prohibition: Benami Property l Benami Transaction l Prohibition of Benami Transaction l Authority & Adjudication of Benami
  11. Competition Law: Competition Policy l Anti-Competitive Agreements l Abuse of Dominant Position
    • Overview of Combination l Regulation of Combinations l Competition Advocacy l Competition Commission of India l Appellate
  12. Law relating to Consumer Protection: Consumer Protection in India l Rights of Consumers l Consumer Dispute Redressal Forums l Nature and Scope of Remedies l E-commerce & Direct Selling
  13. Legal Metrology: Standard Weights And Measures l Power of inspection, Seizure l Declarations on Pre-packaged Commodities l Offences and
  14. Real Estate Regulation and Development Law: Registration of Real Estate Project l Real Estate Agents
    • Real Estate Regulatory Authority l Central Advisory Council l The Real Estate Appellate Tribunal
    • Offences, Penalties and


  1. Law relating to Patents: Applications for Patents l Publication and Examination of Applications
    • Inventions Not Patentable l Opposition Proceedings to Grant of Patents l Restoration of Lapsed Patents l Surrender and Revocation of Patents l Working of Patents l Compulsory Licences and Revocation l Infringement of
  2. Law relating to Trade Marks: Classification of Goods And Services l Conditions for Registration
    • Procedure for and Duration of Registration l Absolute Grounds for Refusal of Registration
    • Assignability and Transmissibility of Registered Trademarks l Collective Marks l Certification Trademarks l Trademark Agent l Infringement of Trade
  3. Law relating to Copyright: Meaning of Copyright l Works in which Copyright Subsists l Registration of Copyright l Ownership of Copyright l Assignment of Copyright l Term of Copyright l Licences by Owners of Copyright l Copyright Society l Infringement of
  4. Law relating to Geographical Indications of Goods : Geographical Indication l Application for registration l Procedure for and Duration of Registration l Effect of Registration l Prohibition of registration of geographical indication as Trade
  5. Law relating to Industrial Designs : Registration of Designs l Prohibition of Registration of Certain Designs l Certificate of Registration l Copyright in Registered Designs l Industrial and International Exhibitions l Piracy of registered



CS Executive Group 2 Syllabus ( Paper-7 Tax Laws & Practice )


Level of Knowledge: Working Knowledge

Part I : Direct Tax (60 Marks

  1. Direct Tax at a Glance:
    • An Introduction l Characteristics of Taxes l Objectives of Taxation l Direct Indirect

    Tax l Background of Taxation system of India l Tax Structure & Administration

  2. Basic Concept of Income Tax:
    • An overview of Finance Bill l Definitions l Capital and Revenue Receipts and Expenditure

    Residential Status l Basis of Charge l Scope of Total Income

  3. Incomes which do not form part of Total Income
  4. Income under the Head Salary
  5. Income under the Head House Property
  6. Profits and Gains from Business and Profession
  7. Capital Gains
  8. Income from Other Sources
  9. Clubbing provisions and Set Off and / or Carry Forward of Losses:
    • Income of other persons included in Assessee’s Total Income l Aggregation of Income

    Set off and / or Carry forward of losses

  10. Deductions:
    • Deductions in respect of certain payments l Specific deductions in respect of certain

    income l Deductions in respect of donations for expenditure under CSR activities

  11. Computation of Total Income and Tax Liability of various entities:Individual l Hindu Undivided Family ‘HUF’ l Alternate Minimum Tax (AMT) l Partnership Firm / LLP l Co-operative Societies l Association of Person ‘AOP’ and Body of Individual ‘BOI’ l Political Parties l Electoral Trusts l Exempt organization – Trust Registration u/s 12A/ 12AA/12AB l Tax Rates
  12. Classification and Tax Incidence on Companies:
    • Computation of taxable income and tax liability of Company including Foreign Company
    • Taxation on Dividend Income l Minimum Alternate Tax ‘MAT’ l Other Special Provisions

    Relating to Companies l Equalization Levy l Carbon Credit

  13. Procedural Compliance:Tax Deduction at Source ‘TDS’ & Tax Collection at Source ‘TCS’ l Advance Tax & Self Assessment Tax ‘SAT’ l Filing of Returns l Fee and interest for default in furnishing return of Income


Part II : Indirect Tax (GST & Customs) (40 Marks)


  1. Concept of Indirect Taxes at a Glance:
    • Background l Constitutional powers of taxation l Indirect taxes in India – An overview

    Pre-GST tax structure and deficiencies l Administration of Indirect Taxation in India

  2. Basics of Goods and Services Tax ‘GST’:Basic concepts and Overview of GST l GST Model – CGST / IGST / SGST / UTGST l GST Compensation to States
  3. Levy and Collection of GST:Taxable Event l Concept of Supply including Composite and Mixed supply l Levy and Collection of CGST and IGST l Exemptions under GST l Composition Scheme l Forward Charge Mechanism l Reverse Charge Mechanism
  4. Time, Value & Place of Supply:Concepts of Time of Supply l Value of Supply l Place of Supply
  5. Input Tax Credit & Computation of GST Liability:Overview l Eligibility and Conditions for taking Input Tax Credit l Transitional Provisions in ITC l Ineligible Credits l Input Service Distributor l Order of Utilisation of Input Tax Credit
  6. Procedural Compliance under GST:
    • Registration l Tax Invoices l Debit & Credit Notes l Accounts and Records l Electronic Way Billl Returns l Payment of Tax l Refund Procedures l GST Practitioners l Assessment

    Demand and Recovery l QRMP Scheme

  7. Overview of Customs Act:
    • Overview of Customs Law l Levy and collection of Customs Duties l Types of Custom Dutiesl Classification and valuation of import and export goods l Exemption l Baggage

    Officers of Customs l Administration of Customs Law l Import and Export Proceduresl Transportation l Warehousing l Duty Drawback l Demand and Recovery l Confiscation of Goods and Conveyances

CS Executive Mode of Exams

CS Executive Exams are held in offline Mode. It means a student is allotted an examination centre. 

Medium of CS Executive Group 2 Exams

A CS Student has the option to choose English Medium or Hindi Medium.

Note: There is no other language in which exams can be written. Student may write the exams either in English or Hindi Language.

CS Executive Group 1 Registration Process

CS Executive Group 2 Classes ( CS Executive Group 2 Pendrive Classes )

  KCC TUTORIALS Provide Best and Most Affordable Video Lectures for CS Executive Group 2 New Syllabus. 

   Best Faculty for CS Executive Group 2 Video Lectures/Live Classes:

  Number   Subject Name  Faculty Name
  5  Capital Market & Securities Laws   Jagdeep Arora Sir ( B.Com, CA, CS & CMA )
  6  Economic, Commercial & Intellectual Property Laws    Jagdeep Arora Sir ( B.Com, CA, CS & CMA )
  7  Tax Laws & Practice   GST By: – Jagdeep Arora Sir ( B.Com, CA, CS & CMA )

 Income Tax & Custom Law By: Sandeep Arora Sir ( B.Com, CA & CS  )

CS Executive Complete Details Video for New Syllabus 2024 Exams

Mode of Classes

We at KCC provide Classes for CSEET, CS Executive in the following Modes:

  • Video Lectures/Pen Drive Classes
  • Live Online Classes
  • Face to Face Classes at Ludhiana, Punjab Institute

Best & Most Affordable CS Executive Online Classes

Best CS Executive Group 2 Faculty/Teacher in India

Jagdeep Arora Sir is considered Best Faculty/Teacher in India for Law related subjects Economic, Commercial and Intellectual Property Laws (ECIPL), Capital Market and Securities Laws (CMSL) and GST GST Law in CS Course and on the other side, Sandeep Arora Sir is considered Best Faculty/Teacher for Income Tax Law for CS Executive Group 2.


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