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Best and Most Affordable CAFM Video Lectures and Live Online Classes by Sandeep Arora Sir at KCC Tutorials

Best & Most Affordable CS Executive Corporate Accounting & Financial Management (CAFM) Video Lectures & Live Online Classes

Cs Executive – Corporate Accounting & Financial Management (CAFM) – Paper 4 – CS Executive by CA CS Sandeep Arora Sir

Sandeep Arora Sir (B.Com, CA & CS) at KCC Tutorials is teaching this Subject for the last 14 Years. He is considered one of Best Faculty in India for this Subject. He hold a great command over this subject. 

Best CS Executive Corporate Accounting & Financial Management (CAFM) Video Lectures & Live Classes by Sandeep Arora Sir

Why to prefer Sandeep Sir’s CS Executive CAFM Lectures

  • Sandeep Arora Sir’s Video Lectures for CAFM Subject are considered one of the most detailed Video Lectures in India.
  • With Video Lectures all Past Years Questions and Answers are provided so a student can cover the syllabus in the best possible manner to clear the exams in the first attempt.
  • He makes the concepts of CAFM very crystal and clear so even an average student can understand the CAFM very easily. 


CS Executive Corporate Accounting and Financial Management (CAFM) (Group 1 – Paper 4)(New Syllabus)


this is short desc


COURSE DESCRIPTION – Best & Most Affordable CS Executive Group 1 – CAFM Video Lectures Classes (New Syllabus) by India’s Best CS Executive CAFM Faculty

  • Language = English / Hindi for CS Executive Group 1 CAFM Lectures (New Syllabus)
  • Complete Conceptual Clarity.
  • Notes available in hard copy and Pdf form.
  • Doubt Solving  Facility Available by Whatsapp & Live Sessions                   
  • Past year Important Questions Covered.
  • Student Friendly Teaching Style.
  • Flow Charts and Pictures used for Better Presentation.
  • Syllabus covered – 100% Syllabus issued by The Institute of Company Secretaries of India
  • Questions and Answers of Past Examinations covered for better preparation.
  • Technical Assistance Available.
  • Every Week doubt session
  • Hours – 90-100 hrs
  • Validity – 12 Months
  • Use of student friendly language
  • Views= Unlimited Views
  • Hard Copy books will be dispatched within 24 hours of order


  • Corporate Accounting and Financial Management (CAFM) subject of CS Executive Group 1 is taught by  Sandeep Arora Sir (B.Com, CA, & CS ). He is considered one of the Best Faculty/Teacher in India for CAFM.
  • Total teaching experience – More than 9 years
  • Focused on the conceptual clarity of subject by covering maximum Practical Questions Answers

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CS Executive New Syllabus Corporate Accounting & Financial Management(CAFM) Demo Lectures for 2024 Exams

CS Executive CAFM (Corporate Accounting and Financial Management Live Online Classes

A Student may also join Live Online Classes for CAFM Subject from Sandeep Arora Sir. 

To Know the Timing, Charges etc. for Live Online Classes for CAFM Subject, A student may Whatsapp or Call @ 98147-62054

CS Executive Corporate Accounting & Financial Management (CAFM) Detailed Syllbaus

CS Executive Corporate Accounting & Financial Management (CAFM)

Part 1 – Corporate Accounting – 60 Marks

  1.  Introduction to Accounting:

  • Book Keeping
  • Accounting Cycle
  • Single / Double entry system
  • Accounting Principles
  • Accounting Concept & Convention
  • Types of Account
  • Journal
  • Ledger
  • Trial Balance
  • Final Accounts

  1. Introduction to Corporate Accounting: Records of accounts to be maintained by a company
  2. Preparation and Presentation of Financial Statements l Schedule III of the Companies Act, 2013
  3. Disclosure Requirement l True and Fair View of Financial Statements l XBRL
  4. Accounting Standards (AS): Applicability l Interpretation l Scope and Compliance l International Financial Reporting Standards l Overview of AS l AS Ind AS vs. IFRS
  5. Accounting for Share Capital : Issue of Shares l Forfeiture and Reissue of Shares l Accounting Treatment of Premium l Buy-back of Shares l Redemption and Conversion l Capital Redemption Reserve lBonus Shares l Rights Issue l ESOPs l ESPS l Sweat Equity Shares and Underwriting
  6. Book Building
  7. Accounting for Debentures: Accounting Treatment l Debenture Redemption Reserve l Redemption of Debentures and Conversion of Debentures into Shares
  8. Related Aspects of Company Accounts: Accounting for ESOP l Buy-back l Equity Shares with differential rights l Underwriting and Debentures
  9. Consolidation of Accounts: Standalone and Consolidated Financial Statements l Holding Company Subsidiary Company l Associate Companies and Joint Venture l Accounting Treatment and disclosures
  10. Financial Statement Analysis: Introduction l Characteristics of good financial statements and its relevancy for better reporting l Requirements of Financial Reporting and Recent trends l Best Practicesapplicable to all companies l Usage and features of ratios analysis l liquidity ratios l turnover ratio
  11. leverage ratios l Insolvency ratio and profitability ratio l DuPont Analysis l Reading and Interpretation of Financial Statements
  12. Cash Flows: Understanding the Statement of Cash Flows l Identify the purpose of the statement of Cash Flows l structure and interpretation of operating l investing and financing activities in Cash Flow statement l Analyze information in the statement of Cash Flows to determine whether the firm is in its life cycle l Examine additional uses of Cash Flow information
  13. Forecasting Financial Statements: Build forecasts of future Balance Sheets l Income Statements and Statements of Cash



Part 2 – Financial Management – 40 Marks

 Introduction : Nature l Scope & Objectives of Financial Management l Profit Maximization Wealth Maximization

  1. Time Value of Money: Introduction l Concept of Time Value of Money – The power of compounding
    1. Significance and application of Time Value of money l Concept of Annuity l Understanding and application of Table used in Time value of money
  2. Capital Budgeting: Compounding and Discounting techniques – Capital Budgeting Process
    1. Techniques of Capital Budgeting – Discounted and Non- Discounted Cash Flow Methods l NPV
    2. Payback l Profitability Index l IRR l Economic Value Added (EVA) l Capital Rationing l Risk Evaluation and Sensitivity Analysis
  3. Cost of Capital: Sources l Meaning l Factors Affecting Cost of Capital l Methods for Calculating Cost of Capital l Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) l Marginal Cost of Capital
  4. Capital Structure: Introduction l Significance of Capital Structure l Determinants of Capital Structure
    1. Capital structure planning and designing of optimum capital structure l Capital Structure Theories
    2. EBIT- EPS Analysis l Breakeven – EBIT Analysis l Under / Over Capitalisation
  5. Dividend Decisions: Factors determining dividend policy l Dividend Models- Relevant/ Irrelevant Theories – Walter’s Model, Gordon’s Model, M-M Model l Forms of Dividend – Cash Dividend, Stock Dividend, Stock Splits, Share repurchase
  6. Working Capital Management: Meaning l Types l Determinants and Assessment of Working Capital Requirements l Negative Working Capital l Operating Cycle Concept and Applications of Quantitative Techniques l Management of Working Capital – Cash Receivables Inventories l Financing of Working Capital l Banking Norms and Macro Aspects l Factoring and Forfaiting
  7. Security Analysis: Measuring of Systematic and Unsystematic Risk l Fundamental Analysis (Economic, Industry and Company) l Technical Analysis and Efficient Market Hypothesis
  8. Operational Approach to Financial Decision: An Overview of Costing l Key Concepts l Basics Principles of Costing l Marginal Costing – Breakeven Point, Margin of Safety

CAFM - Corporate Accounting & Financial Management Paper 4 CS Executive Demo Lectures by Sandeep Arora Sir


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