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CS Executive Online Classes & Video Lectures

CS Executive Video Lectures by India's Best Faculty

At CS Executive Level, there are two groups consisting 4 papers in Group 1 and 3 Papers in Group 2. At KCC Tutorials, CA CS CMA Jagdeep Arora Sir teaches JIGL, Company Law & Practice, Setting up of Business Entities and Industrial and Labour Laws (SBIL) of CS Executive Group 1 and Corporate Accounting and Financial Management (CAFM) is taught by CA CS Sandeep Arora Sir. In Group 2, Jagdeep Arora Sir teaches Capital Market and Securities Law (CMSL) , Economic, Commercial and Intellectual Property Laws (ECIPL) and GST. Income Tax of CS Executive Group 2 is taught by Sandeep Arora Sir. Jagdeep Arora has a long experience of teaching law related subjects of more than 15 years, Jagdeep Sir is considered the Best Faculty for Law related Subjects in India and Sandeep Sir has been teaching Practical Subjects like Accounting & Taxation for the last more than 9 years at KCC Tutorials. Sandeep Sir is known as Problem Solver & Best Faculty for CS Executive for CAFM and Income Tax. Due to best efforts of both teachers, It becomes somewhat easy to clear such a tough competitive exams for students to clear. 


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