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Before liberalisation of Indian Economy, career in finance was perceived as a back office record keeping job; but after the liberalisation it has become much more challenging and interesting. Today, it is seen as a career that provides greater roles in decision making, planning and controlling operations in any organisation.

Acquiring an appropriate professional qualification is the first positive step towards a successful career in Finance. In India the three professional bodies offering finance-related professional course are-



Institute of Chartered Accountants of India Chartered Accountant – CA
Institute of Cost Accountants of India Cost & Management Accountant – CMA
Institute of Company Secretaries of India Company Secretary – CS

Chartered Accountancy course has enjoyed wide popularity amongst the masses due to it its vast syllabus and knowledge based study and training.but CMA and CS courses too have been gaining popularity over the last few years. Particularly, growth in numbers of students enrolled for CA is far more than any other course in India. This is because of awareness amongst the business entrepreneurs due to growing competition in the market, and this has resulted in increased demand for CA.

All three courses are good and guarantees a secure future.


Unlike pure accounting professionals, the demand for CA cuts across functions in all organizations. In marketing department, he is required to prepare the quotation, in production department he is required to advice on the profitable product mix, in purchase department for taking make or buy decisions and in top management for identifying business risks and their mitigation.

Not only are these, CAs also working in the fields of Taxation, Valuation, Risk Management, etc. We may, therefore, say, CAs are ALLROUNDERS rather than mere batsmen or bowlers.



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